Monday, May 28, 2012

Cast On Mania Day 2: Dad's Socks

I am pleased to announce that this blog's regular scheduling has been interrupted. Instead, I present you with:

Every day this week I will be starting a new project. Every project is to be made with yarn from the stash and all of them need to be finished in two months or less.  It'll be fun!  Clearly crazy, but mostly fun.

I made my very first pair of socks for my dad. I was shocked at the cost of sock wook ($18! You can buy socks at Target for like six bucks! Little did I know...), I struggled with the skinny needles and teeny tiny stitches and I didn't understand calf shaping or how to get the perfect handknit fit, so I just did what the instructions told me, finished the socks and mailed them to my dad.  They did not fit and he has never worn them.

He will be in Australia for his birthday in July and I think it's finally time to knit him some socks that he will actually wear. The yarn is an unknown sock yarn that I picked up in the grab bag that I scored from a destash last year. It's very thin yarn but the variegation looks quite nice and I think the finished socks will be warm and comfy. Let's just hope that they fit!
In Other News

Yesterday's Radiating Star Blanket is now big enough that I can stop magic looping and start knitting on the circular needles. Check out the cute little star in the middle:

I made bread again. I used Delia's recipe again but this time I skipped cooking the flour before mixing and kneading. That was a big mistake! Clearly baking the flour does something to the amount of water the dough can handle because I added the same amount of water as last week and ended up with a gloopy glue-like mixture. I had to add almost another 200g of flour to get a kneadable dough which threw off the ratio of salt, yeast and sugar. The loaf looked alright when it was baked...

..and the crust is nice, but the bread is a little bit bland and not fluffy at all. It still tastes nice when smeared with butter but, honestly, what doesn't?

 Back tomorrow with more !


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