Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cast On Mania Day 4: Daybreak Mitts

I am pleased to announce that this blog's regular scheduling has been interrupted. Instead, I present you with:

Every day this week I will be starting a new project. Every project is to be made with yarn from the stash and all of them need to be finished in two months or less.  It'll be fun!  Clearly crazy, but mostly fun.

Today's post is brought to you by McDonald's Cheltenham because I blew through my entire month's data allowance in 2.5 weeks. I didn't think I'd used it that much but I have been doing a lot of procrastination, so really it's a good thing that I can't use the Internet to distract me from actual work any more. However, it does put a bit of a spanner in my week of CAST ON MANIA.

Yesterday I wrote about the socks I am knitting for my sister. I have two sisters and if you have sisters then you'll understand that you can't make something for one without making something for the other because they notice and remember and get incredibly shirty. Everything is remembered - they're like elephants in that way. So to head off any dramas today's project is some mitts for my sister using the yarn left over from the Daybreak I made her for Christmas.  Last time I tried to improvise a pattern using Daybreak as an inspiration it did not go well, so this time I am using weezelana's Mitt Envy as a template. If I sat down and put some serious time into them I could finish these mitts in about four hours. However, I suspect that it might take me a while to get these finished given the amount of predicts that I've started already this week...



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