Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cast on Mania Day 3: Panel Rib Socks

I am pleased to announce that this blog's regular scheduling has been interrupted. Instead, I present you with:

Every day this week I will be starting a new project. Every project is to be made with yarn from the stash and all of them need to be finished in two months or less.  It'll be fun!  Clearly crazy, but mostly fun.

I love knitting socks and I try to share the love by giving those socks to my loved ones. Honestly, though, other than Sam (who I know loves his socks) I'm never sure if they really if they actually appreciate the effort that goes into them or if they just look at the gift thinking "You can get socks from Target for $6...this is the scungiest present ever!". So when my sister requested a pair of handknit socks to get her through winter, I cast on straightaway. The yarn is Jitterbug in colourway Fruit Coulis that has been in the stash since January 2011 and it is alternately very very bright and very very dark. I'm not a huge fan of pooling, but the beauty of gift socks is I don't have to be. They certainly add colour to the long cold winter days, so no complaints here.


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