Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boom and crash: WIP Wednesday arrives with a smash

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day and a public holiday for parts of Victoria. Sam and I took the opportunity to visit some friends of his down the coast and had a lovely day. Even though Melbourne was wet and dreary, the coastal town we were in was bathed in sunshine and lovely and relaxing. Unfortunately the drive home wasn't so lovely. At a notoriously bad intersection, the driver in front of me decided suddenly to brake at a yellow light he'd previously indicated he would try to run and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, I drove directly into the back of his car.

Yes, it was my fault for not anticipating his actions soon. Yes, it was very lucky that no-one got hurt. But waaahhhh - there goes my Christmas spending money including the money for my holiday :(

Oh well. Them's the brakes (literally).

In other news

All of my WIPs look pretty much the same as last week, only more so. I turned the heel on the Barefoot Dream sock and it's very nice:

I don't really like how the stripes are thicker on the short-row heel but unfortunately that's how it work with this kind of dye job. I hope that this factor is more than compensated by the dreamlike feel of the sock - it's buttery smooth and feathery soft.

I'm still aiming to keep my eyes on the prize and get that WIP number down. I can doooo eeeeetttt!


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