Thursday, November 22, 2012

WIP Friday: Hospital Edition

Today is WIP Friday. It was meant to be a WIP Wednesday but the stupid trackpad on my stupid computer isn't stupid working anymore so I had to go and get an external mouse so I could use it. It's getting fixed tomorrow at the stupidly named Genius Bar (if they were geniuses would they be working on an Apple shop? I don't think so!) under warranty but it's been really bloody annoying in the meantime.

Anyhoo, today's WIP Friday is brought to you from the Radiology department of the hospital I was admitted to when I broke my leg. I'm not in for anything serious, just a routine check-up, but I'm sitting near the wards, it's lunchtime, I can smell the food they're serving and I'm having all sorts of flashbacks to the horribleness that is hospital food (the $120 food blog just wrote a post about this very topic. It gives great advice. Also, if anyone you know gets admitted to hospital, take baby wipes. They're the best). Don't get me wrong - I am so very thankful to live in a country with a great public health system where I can get ongoing care and expensive tests and scans for no direct cost to me other than the parking (which, by the way, is a complete gouging of people who have no other option for parking and are too ill or disabled to park further away for free and walk or to get public transport) but hospitals always give me the heebie geebies. Fingers crossed it'll be a long time before I have to stay in a hospital again.

Happy Friday, everyone. I'm off to a bbq in a park tonight and I can't wait - eating charred sausages and caramelised onions cooked on a public barbeque of dubious cleanliness while attempting to balance a plastic plate and a paper cup while sitting in a rickety camping chair is one of my favourite Melbourne  experiences. Bring on summer :)


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