Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Outdoors Edition

Bite news

Thanks everyone for your commiserations on my insect bites. The itching has (mostly) gone away and some of the bites marks have started to bruise, which I think means they're healing nicely. While all of this is good news, I was pretty horrified when I looked at the marks this morning and realised that the marks that are bruising (not the ones that are still red) have two puncture marks rather than one, which my one-minute google search extensive research has told mean means I was bitten by a spider. EWW!!!!

I am more creeped out by that than I can describe, so I've decided to ignore the knowledge and just continue my life as normal. But can I say again EEWWWWWW!!! I will not look at a park bench the same again.

WIP Wednesday

When I started this this series of WIP Wednesdays, my aim was to reduce my number of WIPs from 17 to five. I got quick results and finished a lot of projects fast but then failed to weave in the ends, block them and take photos, resulting in a marked lack of achievement in the number of WIPs. I have a pile of six completed but ends-unwoven-in projects sitting on my desk starting at me right now. I keep starting new projects and according to Ravelry, now have 18 projects on the go! It feels like I am just not getting anywhere.  

This sock is supposed to be one of a pair I am giving my mum for her birthday next week. Based on past experience, I am no chance of getting them done for her on time. Maybe I can suggest we do her birthday celebration on Friday instead of Monday? That's wrong, isn't it?

In happier news

How do I take such awesome photos all of the time? It's a gift.
This is what they look like now.

It's so gorgeous and verdant and fresh. I love having fresh herbs whenever I feel like them. The chilli plants are going nuts too and based on the number of flowers on this plant, my house will be a chilli cornucopia very very soon. I heart nature!

Except for all of the spiders. 


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