Sunday, November 18, 2012

Radiohead-resultant emptiness and self-defeating behaviour

I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to wax lyrical and explain how today feels but I can't capture my emotions in words. Instead, I give you this:

I saw Radiohead on the weekend and they were amazing. Unbelievably good. Hauntingly wonderful and experientially sublime. The thing is, I've been waiting so long to see them (over eight years!) and I enjoyed it so much that now I feel empty, like my Christmas, birthday, New Years and just because celebrations were rolled up into one, were fantastic, and now will never happen again. 

I also learned that iPhone photos are not kind to those who wear dark lipstick and take photos without a flash while inside a darkened stadium. No surprise there though.

Oh, and I started a new pair of socks. Completely made of leftovers. I know I said I was trying to get my WIPs under control, but I am completely hopeless. An empty pair of sock needles does me in every time...but aren't they pretty?


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