Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, another Monday

One of the things I like the most about not being on Facebook anymore is that I don't have to see the weekly "Thank God It's Friday" status updates every single week, like Friday arriving was some kind of surprise that wasn't clearly signposted by the passing of the Thursday prior to it. However, week after week I log in to Blogger some time on Monday and immediately begin my post by talking about my weekend, always noting that Monday has arrived. I am now one of those people!!

Well, Monday is here and apparently I really can't stop myself. My weekend was nice, although slightly unexciting to report on. Saturday morning was gorgeous, warm and bright so I took my knitting and a book outside to spend some quality time with the sun. The book was Flesh Wounds by Chris Brookmyre, which I did not particularly like (my review is here) but I strongly recommend the first two in the series: Where the Bodies are Buried and Where the Devil Drives, especially if you like strong female protagonists in mystery novels. I really do and there's so few of them (sad face).

I spent the afternoon watching local footy, which was fun because the winning margin was only one point. As commentators love to say, the narrowest of margins.

Then, on Sunday, I was lazy but inspired and worked in bed while eating breakfast. Lucy always enjoys a lie-in and was up for a slobby Sunday but, despite her very best efforts, could not manage to squeeze into the bed I "provided" for her.

She's so very cute! And now my nice weekend is done and the business of the week begins :)


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