Sunday, September 1, 2013

Special St Kilda Sunday

Today I finally got my computer back from the repairer. Yay!! I was more pleased to see it than anyone should be to see an inanimate object. Less pleasing, however, was the eight-hour window that the courier told me the package would be delivered in. It arrived at the six-hour mark, which meant I missed my Monday swim (sad face). But, since he brought me my lovely computer, I forgive the courier, the courier company and the ridiculous demands they make of their customers completely (but really, guys, an eight-hour window? Come on.).

I had a pretty busy weekend with work, which was not very enjoyable but expected and necessary. This is my busiest time of year workwise, as I'm pretty sure I say every year at about this time. I had been feeling like I am coping with it much better this year than in other years, but I noticed when I took the recycling out this morning that there seemed to be a few more wine bottles in there than there normally are, so maybe not.

I did take a few hours out of my day on Saturday to go to the footy.

How's that for a quarter-time score, Ross Lyon you arrogant arse.

Whatever faults the AFL has (and they do have many, many, many faults), one cannot argue that they aren't heller good at targeted advertising. 

It was a really great game and one of the nicest experiences I've shared with my fellow St Kilda supporters for years. I love football and I really do miss it when it's not around.

The weather was so divine that I stopped at bar on the way home and watched the sun set while drinking a nice glass of wine.

It was a great Saturday and I enjoyed it very much. However, my enjoyment was nothing compared to Lucy's happiness at today's warm, sunny, still weather.

She is a radiating pussycat happiness right now. It's a delight to watch.

Now, back to work!


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