Saturday, September 28, 2013

Roadtrip Day 1: Driving, driving and more driving

The morning of the roadtrip dawned clear and crisp. We had planned to leave at 5am but due to unavoidable factors like my alarm having a snooze button and my total inability to operate early in the morning we ended up leaving closer to 6.30. The sun was well and truly up by the time we crossed the Bolte Bridge and left the city.

I had my camera out ready to take more photos but, seriously, unless you're really into cows, sheep and wide country vistas, driving through the countryside is really boring! After what felt like fifteen but was closer to three hours, we stopped at Gateway Village in Wodonga to stretch our legs.

Gateway Village is a lovely little artists' village that includes the above sculpture (Bonegilla) and art galleries, studios, cafes, theatres and really gorgeous pieces everywhere you look.

We didn't have enough time to really explore the space fully but I did go to the woodcraft shop. It was this wonderful store full of handmade wooden things - everything from bowls, ornaments and pens to children's toys. This stuff was seriously amazing and if I lived closer, every wedding and special birthday present for the rest of my life would be bought from there.

I was (relatively) restrained and only bought a kangaroo Christmas tree ornament for my Indian-American stepmother and a needle holder for me. It's a really pity that the shop doesn't have a website (or even a computer - my purchases were recorded in a paper ledger!). I would love to go there again.

And seriously, that's the only interesting thing that happened on the trip to Sydney. We stopped so the driver could refresh himself with a can of fizzy, sweet chemicals...

..I worked my way through Chart B of my Serenity blanket...

..and the driving continued until we reached our destination. The end.


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