Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday: a sock and a blankie

One day I am going to stop talking about it and actually do a photography course, because until I came inside and uploaded the photos I had absolutely no idea that the light was shining behind me in such a way that it washed out all of my photos.

Despite the massive overexposure, you can see that the blanket is very satisfactorily heading towards its eventual conclusion. I work so much with 4-ply wool that I forget how fast thicker wool knits up and how enjoyable it is to see such measurable progress every day. I think I will have the knitting (if not necessarily the border) finished by next week.  As soon as I do, I'm starting my next TV garter stitch baby blanket - an Op Art in Bendy Luxury.

Next is a pair of socks I started a few weeks ago out of some divine Mountain Colors Barefoot from the stash in Copper. The pattern is the Go With The Flow socks...kinda. I have modified them to knit toe-up instead of toe down so used my favourite toe-up toe. I also kept knitting in stocking stitch after the toe increases were done until to where my physical toes finished (about 2cm) before starting the lace pattern. These socks are my third pair from Favorite Socks, which has to be honestly one of the best value knitting books I have ever bought.

I've had a pretty good week knitting-wise, footy-wise, weather-wise and work-wise. I almost don't want to tell anyone that unless I jinx it! Here's to hoping my current run of loveliness continues...


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