Saturday, September 28, 2013

Roadtrip Day 2: Sun, surf and Serenity.

For our first day in Sydney, Sam and I had left the day completely free so we could do whatever we felt like. When we got up and it was sunny, bright and clear we decided to go to the beach.

It was an excellent decision! We went to the iconic Bondi Beach with my friend and her little girl and it was lovely.

The thing about going to the beach with a baby that isn't yours is that you get all the good stuff like sandcastles and toddler snacks but, when you want to, you can give the baby back and lie in the sun.

After spending the day receiving sun hugs on the soft white sand, listening to the waves crash onto the shore and feeling the tension literally leave my system I seriously started to consider ways I can move to Sydney. Unfortunately, I think the sun must have addled my brain because I can't find any photos taken for the rest of the day! We drove into our hotel in the Sydney CBD (the Wentworth Sofitel, which was both good and bad. The hotel itself is gorgeous and luxurious but they couldn't find our booking when we got there and it cost $50 to park the car overnight (!!!!!). Also, they pride themselves on French luxury, so all of the staff start every conversation with "Bonjour". It's a nice idea but the very Aussie "bon-jurrs" were really really funny, which is probably not what management were going for.), had a drink at Canopy Bar, which was nice, had awful expensive Japanese takeaway from Azuma Japanese Restaurant and had a lovely 10-hour sleep in a soft, delightful king size bed. 

It was a perfect holiday day (except for the terrible Japanese food) and, if I could, I'd spend every holiday ever just like that. Really really divine - holiday bliss.


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