Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday: End of year edition

Today is the last WIP Wednesday of 2013! I haven't done many of them this year; primarily because since I've been working very slowly on big projects, weekly tracking of my knitting progress would bore even my closest, most interested friends.  

For example, the Luxury OpArt blanket.

It looks pretty much the same as last time. Trust me, it's bigger! It's just not very interesting to look at (although I am loving the knitting. It's so brainless - it's like knitting Valium. Guaranteed to reduce stress levels.)

I had a conversation with my sister yesterday, and she said to me that she is incredibly pleased with the present she has bought with me. This immediately led me to start worrying that the present I have for her is not good enough (why does Christmas have to be so stupidly stressful?), so I pulled out my three-quarter finished Soleus socks.

I'll definitely get it finished before Christmas but I suspect I'm going to run out of black wool before I run out of sock knitting. Urgh!! I refuse to worry about this - if there's not enough black wool, then she'll just have to be happy with the present I got. Gift-giving should not be a competitive sport!!

This final item is not a WIP, but I wanted to show you how adorable my cat is. She does this thing where she locates the point at which sunshine and shade meet and lies as close to the sun as she can get without it actually directly touching her.

Unfortunately, she doesn't understand that the sun is huge ball of fire that is being orbited by an always spinning Earth, so when then shade-sun line inevitably moves, so does she. The poor thing must never get any REM sleep because she has to get up and readjust her position every fifteen minutes or so. It is honestly one of the cutest, stupidest and funniest things I have ever seen.

Till next time :)


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