Friday, December 27, 2013

Opals in the summertime

Today dawned clear and bright, so we slopped on as much suncream as possible and went to the beach at the end of my street.

Have you ever seen a sky so gorgeously clear and blue (or a pair of Raybans so handsomely worn?)?

We initially set up on the beach closest to the yacht club because the building provided the shade I need to not burst into flames when my pitifully pale skin is exposed to the sun. This is the view from my towel.

Nice, right? But after three dogs urinated within five metres of our resting spot in ten minutes, we decided to move to the non-dog beach 200m down the road.

Not a bad view from the second spot when I am lying down, either!

These are the Opal socks as they currently stand. Due to a Christmas Day inability or unwillingness to count any rows, the heel flaps are different sizes so therefore so are the gussets. I don't think it'll be a massive deal but I guess we'll see. These socks are my stress-free pair so, honestly, I'm just not going to think about the possibility one of them won't fit.

I'm definitely going to run out of wool before finishing the pair but, again, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

For the moment, I'm happy enjoying my beach, sunshine and general summer holiday happiness :)


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