Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Well, Happy New Year for a week ago. I saw out the year with cocktails...

 ..and a pair of almost-completed socks..

..and I have welcomed 2014 with what can only be described as a week of sloth. For the last seven days I have hung around my house, lazed on the couch, watched lots of movies for fun and eaten and drunk anything I feel like when I felt like it. It was wonderful but, unfortunately, regular life has to resume at some point and and today I am back at work, writing, blogging, answering emails (urgh emails are seriously the worst sometimes!) and doing all the other stuff that must be done by adults who need to function within society. I even went for a swim as is my usual Monday habit, clearly and finally signalling that the holiday is over. 

However, while I was doing my very best impression of a drunk beached whale on my couch last week, things were happening in my garden. In Save with Jamie, Jamie Oliver says that if you dry out the seeds from a capsicum, they can be planted and will grown into capsicum bushes. He says this even works with capsicums bought from a supermarket. I was skeptical but I'm always prepared to try anything once so I dried about 50 seeds and planted them. 

Two weeks later, voila!

18 of the 50 seeds germinated and now look like proper plants. I am going to let them grow a bit bigger before transferring them to my garden and, if they work, they will actually be free food. 

Nature really is amazing. Now, back to work!


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