Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Sock it to me

Yesterday I got a bit bored adding the icord border to the OpArt blanket, so I quickly whipped up a matching baby sock.

The pattern is Flakey Baby Socks from the sadly defunct Anny Purls. This single small sock is adorable! But when I was hunting for a darning needle this morning so I could close up the teeny tiny toe, I noticed something somewhat alarming...

..six pairs of unfinished socks on my desk. SIX!!! That's not even including the two pairs of unfinished socks that weren't on my desk. A total of eight pairs on the go! Even for me, that's out of control.

I know how it started - I bought two balls of wool on sale at Bendy and, to avoid adding it to my stash cast on straightaway (if it's on the needles, it's not stash). I started knitting a pair of socks as a Christmas present (clearly unfinished - ended up giving a book instead). I needed a sock without any patterning to take to a movie. I was bored with icord. But still!!

Excuse me for a while - I'm going to be off in a corner knitting socks, more socks and only socks. Eight pairs is simply too much.


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