Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random Thursday and 2014 FO# 8

You'll have to forgive me if today's entry is a little bit scatty. I got up ridiculously early today to do a favour for a friend - like so early that I got up, left, did the favour and returned home all before my regular alarm went off. I hope a friend realises that when I give up sleep it means that I really really love you (plus, I will be expecting a very nice glass of wine next time we go to a bar. With bubbles. Possible even French ones.)

The upside of having been awake a ridiculous amount of hours already is that I have got lots of things done today. I did a productive three hours writing this morning before going for a nice long swim. I also finally got a chance to upload the photo of a pair of socks I gave away about a month ago:

Since I am and always will be a terrible blogger, I again gave these away without taking a photo first. This is a photo the recipient very kindly sent me, after pausing for a few seconds at "for my online knitting journal". I don't know the brand or type of wool I used (I got it in a destash of sock yarn remnants) but the colours are nice, it washed well and the recipient seems to like it. I guess that's a success?

I am also still plugging away on the border of the Mitered Square blanket. I am knitting it - the blanket weighs over a kilo and every time I put it in my lap to work on it it just slides off. I now lie it on the bed all spread out, knit from one side to the other and then flip it over. Lather, rinse, repeat. It is taking forever and is ridiculously boring.

Lucky for me, I have Lucy to help me - mainly by sleeping on the blanket so I can't flip it at the end of the row, meaning that I have to stop working on it and knit on something else that is more interesting. Basically, she gives me an excuse to stop what I should be doing and thereby forcing me to do what I want to do - that's why Lucy is the best cat going around. Extra cream for you tonight, Ms Purrypants.

Is it wrong to go to bed at 7pm? Because I think that's what I'm going to do today...


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