Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Getting shit done edition

It is the afternoon and all I have eaten today is bowl of chips with tomato sauce and a fun-size Twix. This kind of makes me feel a little bit like I am failing as an adult. I am trying to feel bad about it but failing; it's hard to be good all the time, and if the worst I do is eat nothing but saturated fat for a few hours, then it's really not too bad. Right? RIGHT?

Not really. Anyway, I am actually a little bit worried because I think Lucy might be sick. For the last month or so, she's been hacking up hairballs every couple of days. Having had cats all my life and therefore having cleaned up more hairballs than I'd like to remember, I didn't really think anything of it. Sam, however, noticed that even after hacking for a long time - like thirty seconds - no hairballs ever came up. That is not good, so I have made an appointment for her at the vet tonight. I know it is going to be a massive drama because she really, really, really hates going in the car but, I'm sorry Lucy, it has to be done.

In knitting news, I found out yesterday that Sam's horrible friends' baby might be coming earlier than previously thought.  I spent all last night frantically i-cording (is that a verb?) and got three-quarters of the way around the blanket:

It looks great! Unfortunately, even using a DPN two sizes bigger than the needle I knitted the blanket with, the border is too tight for the blanket. Sam, bless his hand-knitted socks, said "Can't we just stretch it out like we do with shawls?" (then sat there expectantly until I congratulated him on his knitting knowledge. He is a sweetheart.) I suspect that will not work. However, since I don't have any larger DPNs, I'm going to call it a design feature and say that I did it because it makes it easier for the baby to be wrapped up in the blanket...I just hope they buy it.

In knitting that has a much more worthwhile recipient (me!), my me-socks are coming along very well. They are much bright in real life and cheer me up every time I pull them out of my bag. 

Till next time!


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