Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Gold Coast Minibreak

I am writing this post from the Gold Coast Airport. Airports aren't depressing exactly but they are definitely not fun places to hang out in and I love that now a delayed plane doesn't mean that your book no longer lasts throughout the flight but gives you the time to write on your blog and work on your sock for a little longer. Yay for technology and knitting! (For those who are interested, I had no problems getting the knitting needles on to the plane but I did have to take them out of my suitcase and show the security people what they were before they let me through.)

What am I doing in Queensland, you ask? Well, two weeks ago my lovely boyfriend saw some cheap fares and a great hotel deal and booked us a spontaneous minibreak. We stayed at the Outrigger Surfers Paradise, which was very nice. The view from our hotel room at sunset is above - delightful!

Just like all good holidays this one involved lots of drink and food and lying around relaxing, but in order to say that we had 'done' something we rented a car and drove up to the Hinterlands.

I bought a Dry July day pass, which meant I could drink (yay!) and the first place we stopped at was the Tamborine Mountain Distillery, which had 80 different liqueur flavours. My favourites were the Triple Sec and Blackcurrent. I go to cellar doors to do wine tasting quite often and it was really fun to do something a bit different that still involved booze. I could happily have spent the whole afternoon drinking here but as responsible drivers we tasted six and then drove away (mostly) sober. I do kind of wish I'd taken a toothbrush because liqueurs are sweet and I'm not used to drinking that much sugar (First World Problem FTW).

The next place we stopped at was the Witches Chase Cheese shop, where we did a cheese tasting. It was super delicious and my absolute favourite way to eat cheese - small bites of tons of different great-tasting cheeses. We bought a wedge of Washed Rind cheese and it was only because of the threat of an expanding waistline that prevented me from buying All The Cheese. (If anyone doesn't believe that Australia is in the grip of an obesity epidemic, visit the Gold Coast, which really surprised me given the temperate weather and easy access to cheap and delicious fruits and fish.)

My mum looked after Lucy while I was gone and sent me this picture of Lucy hiding under the couch last night:

Yes, I really need to start sweeping under the couch more frequently! I can't wait to get home and give my little pussycat a hug.  It's lovely to go on holidays but it's wonderful to arrive home after being away :)

Tomorrow, another Friday FO from Cast on Mania. I'm loving having so many finished things to share and seeing my stash reduce - fun!


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