Sunday, July 29, 2012

So close but so far!

I am excited to note that there are 30 hours left of Dry July! I don't normally drink on a Monday but today is exactly the kind of day where I would be cracking open a bottle of wine after dinner. I have 13 hours of work to do in only 10 hours (eek!) but I know that it's impossible to do 10 hours of straight work so I'm alternating 50 minutes of head-down-bum-up productivity with 10 minutes of coffee-drinking, Ravelry-checking, booty-shaking (to raise my heart rate at regular hourly intervals to compensate for the fact that I will be doing no exercise today) and Lucy-cuddling to get me through the day.  It would suck if I made it throughout the whole of July only to crack on the penultimate day!

I know I've said repeatedly that I want to knit down my stash but ... (there's always a but) ... my sister is getting married next year and - big surprise - I'm going to knit her a wedding shawl. I've been keeping a lazy eye out for the right wool and when I saw some Wollmeise on destash for the exact same amount of money that I had in my Paypal account, I had to buy it.

It arrived last week and it is totally gorgeous ...

.. but not really my sister's type of colours. Fortunately, it's exactly mine! I don't really need another shawl but it would be such a gorgeous Henslowe... I'll have to wait and see what I feel like making once I've wrapped up Cast On Mania and the Ravellenics.  Now, my 10 minutes is over and it's time to get back to work!


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