Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nothing interesting to see here (2012 FO #10 - Dad's birthday socks)

I have a confession to make: I didn't get yesterday's work done in its allotted time. My computer crashed, I lost an hour's work and I cracked the shits. I lieu of wine I watched Wife Swap USA and the Made in Chelsea finale and then, gorged on trash, fake tan and garlic and olive oil toasted pita bread, I went to bed.  It was not an exciting night but it was what I needed to do.

Today the sun was shining (clearly to reward me for finally getting my work done, albeit one day late) and I took the opportunity to go outside and take photos of my latest FO (another Cast On Mania project).

There is literally no way to make this project interesting. Even I found it boring when I was knitting it! 72 stitches, top down, flap and gusset heel, knit knit knit repeat.

I tried hanging these socks in some trees but even that doesn't provide any spark. I don't even know what yarn it is because I bought the wool in a grab back of sock yarns and it didn't have a label. I know it's machine washable - because I washed it in my machine - but other than that it's a mystery to me.

I hope my dad likes them and they fit him. He's the last member of my family to get any socks that he can wear (I did send him one pair that are ridiculously too small for him to get on his feet).

That's all, folks. It's a quiet time at the old FO town tonight!


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