Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 10: Old, cranky but still able to sit on my bum with the best of them

Today's post is brought to you by Kids These Days (TM) and being old. Today I tried to work in the dedicated silent study space at uni but couldn't because of the dance music coming from the grassy area in the centre of campus (dancing and drinking during the day on a Wednesday? What is this world coming to, really). I tried to ignore the steady bass rhythm but it got inside my brain and I couldn't concentrate on anything I was doing, so with a loud inconvenienced sigh I packed up all of my things and left. However, as I was walking away from my office I couldn't help notice that absolutely no-one else cared about the music at all and (ironically) my harrumphing was more distracting to these young and sprightly Gen Ys than the beats that were resonating through the floor. I am so very very old *shakes cane in air, groans theatrically*

Just in case you thought I left the library empty handed, I did manage to pick up some viewing material:

I don't watch a lot of TV- in fact, I never ever 'flick' just to see what's on. I record the shows I want to watch and then I watch them at a later date so I can fast-forward through the ads. It's not only a more efficient way to watch television (efficiency ever being the watchword at Chez HereIKnit!) it means that I don't suddenly realise that I've spent an hour flicking between re-runs of Boston Legal, Sex and the City and an ABC2 doco on polygamous relationships. However, I do watch a lot of movies, both for work and pleasure. This lot should last me a week or two and features many of my favourites - the Fass (phwar!), the Pfieff (sigh), a gorgeous young Bob Redford (phwar, again) and a few early Woody Allens. A lovely way to pass the time and I don't have to listen to 'down down, prices are down' once.

10 down, 21 to go.  


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