Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: Brrr!!!!

This post is one day late because yesterday was absolutely bloody freezing (the coldest October day in Melbourne for 40 years!) and there was absolutely no chance I was going to head outside to take photos. Today is marginally better so I rugged up and braved the Great Cold Outdoors (i.e. I took the five steps from my back door to the herb garden) to take a photo of my latest project:

another Henslowe in Wollmeise. I needed a new project that I could mindlessly knit without paying attention but all of my other projects are in stages where I have to look at what's going on. Hence, a new project was required. So that my number of WIPs is kept under control, before starting this I frogged my merino lace socks. The socks were fine and the Bearfoot yarn is delicious but I think its buttery exquisite softness is better suited to a scarf than a pair of socks. Maybe another Henslowe? How many times does one need to make the same project in a 12-month period before one officially has a problem? Hopefully not four...

You'll notice in the background of these photos my parsley bush. Apparently parsley is a bit of a masochist because it loves the horrible-lovely-horrible-lovely-horrible weather cycle we're having at the moment and has gone completely wild. It is enormous.  Seriously - just look at it.

11 down, 20 to go. Over a third of the way there!


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