Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 18: The miracle of life

 On Sunday when I planted new seedlings and seeds, I also fertilised the chilli plants who had lost all of their leaves over the cold, wet winter. At the time they resembled nothing more than greeny-brown sticks stuck into pots of dirt, so I was ecstatic when I went outside today and saw this:

New leaves and the buds of chilli flowers. Nature is amazing! It seems like magic to me but it's just the natural world going about its everyday business. 

The fertiliser must have also done something to the seeds I planted in the pot last year that never came up because I noticed this peeking through the dirt.

Unsurprisingly, Lucy was unhappy that I was taking photos of objects that weren't her and decided that the plant must die (look at her foot about to squash that tiny seedling!)

Lest anyone think I am all of a sudden a decent gardener, after saving the seedling from Lucy I promptly knocked the pot over, spilling the fertiliser gems all over the paving and murdering the seedling whose life I had just saved. 

Black thumb 1: miracle of life 0.

18 done, 13 to go.


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