Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 17: WIP Wednesday

I should actually start calling this the WIP Wednesday of Shame because according to Ravelry, I have 17 projects on the go at the moment. That is a million levels of ridiculous! How did I reach this place? The worst thing is that six of them are actually finished and just waiting for the ends to be woven in. So I'm both lazy and suffering from the knitter's version of ADD - what a winner.

I'm trying a new strategy. This week instead of working on All Of The Projects, I'm just going to focus on two. Firstly, the Rainy Day socks:

The finished sock is divine. These are probably the least durable socks I have ever made but they're like feet clouds - my toes were purring during this shot. I cannot say enough nice things about this combination of yarn and pattern.

Next, the boring Regia socks.  Look at them being boring.

Boring boring boring. Bleurgh. The odd random stripes of neon yellow can't save the acres of boring boring brown and green. But these will soon be finished! (I hope)

17 down, 14 to go.


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