Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 4: Fixing what's wrong

I am halfway through the foot of the black socks and I have reached the stage that when whenever I pick them up instead of knitting them I want to stab myself in the eye repeatedly until the socks magically go away (die, socks die!!), so I figured it was time for a break. Well and truly time for a break!

I took the failed Waving Lace socks outside so I could get my daily dose of Vitamin D while fixing them (efficiency being the watchword at Chez HereIKnit). I laid them next to each other to make certain I was shortening the correct sock...

..and I cut off the toe, unravelled half a repeat and picked up the untethered stitches (i.e. all of them).

I then started knitting the toe as normal, praising all of the gods above (who I don't believe in) that I'm working on something that is not soul-sucking soul-destroying black and never-ending.

I would like to take this occasion to share with you my favourite pair of at-home working pants. These are without a doubt the most comfortable item of clothing I own - the bottom half of a pair of winter PJs I got from Target half-price. They have snow bears with hats and scarves on them! I heart them completely. Their only disadvantages are a: pyjamas are not generally considered appropriate daytime wear, so I have to change before answering the door every time it rings and b: I suspect that if my clients knew I was working on their documents while admiring my toasty warm and fashionably attired polar bears, my professional cred would decrease. I don't care - I'm wearing them anyway! Although never in front of another person...

4 down, 28 to go.


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I need to punch that song into You Tube and give it a listen.
    As for socks, I just cast on my Sock to Vote toe up socks by Cat Bordhi. I have not made many socks, so I hope I can get to the finish line by the deadline.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)

      Good luck with your socks. Socks are my favourite thing to knit (as you might have guessed, looking at my blog). The beauty of toe-up socks is that, as soon as you reach your deadline you can cast off and say that's as high as you intended them to be :)

  2. We call them Lounge Pants in my house... and as such they are perfectly acceptable answering the door clothes!! Go on... be brave :)

    1. I did it! I took your advice and answered the door to the gardener in my polar bear pants. He didn't bat an eyelid and I'm never changing before I open the door again :)