Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Oopsie!

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that the reason I didn't post yesterday was because I forgot. No excuses except for plain old absentmindedness. I took photos, planned some words in my head, uploaded the photos to my computer then got so caught up in reading my new book (Feminism at the Movies, if anyone is interested. It's great, and theory-lite so very accessible) that I never got around to actually posting anything...oops!

Mind you, I didn't have anything super exciting to share anyway. I've noticed that this time around, Blogtober is turning into a 'this is what I did today' journal. Yesterday I had an appointment on campus so I decided to spend some study time in the library beforehand.  I gave my poor crooked back a rest and (for once) didn't lug the contents of my entire study to the library with me. Vital ingredients for study: pen and paper (I did not see one other person using a non-electronic device to record information in the entire packed library. I am clearly a dinosaur), water (important to stay hydrated), Blistex (using Blistex is like smoking - you should never start and once you do, it's almost impossible to quit) and knitting, for sanity purposes. 

On the subject of knitting, I have I ever told you how much I love knitting socks with 5-ply yarn and 2.75mm needles? I have basically just looked at this project and waved my arms in its general direction and it's already a third of the way up the foot! After the black never-ending socks of doom, this sock is a minty-green fresh breath of air. Although, disturbingly, how puffed up and deformed does my foot look in this photo? It looks normal in real life, I promise.

For an update on the mitered square blanket, I have finished all the vertical seaming of the blocks and now I just need to do the horizontal ones.  It takes me one episode of Big Brother to join two squares (I know! Don't judge me) so I figure by the time the next two housemates have been evicted, I should be ready to start the border. The only thing is that with the first blocks I did (the column to the far left) I used a different technique to the other three and so it doesn't look as good as the others. I'm trying to work out if I care enough to unpick and re-seam those squares. My perfectionist instinct says yes but the realist in me reminds myself that it took me five years to get to this point and that if I lose momentum it may be another five years till I get it back again...

In case you were in any doubt as to whether this photo is authentically mine (the consistently shitty unedited quality of the photo not begin enough), please note not one but two cat toys placed carefully between the blocks. Welcome to my house!

Eight posts down, 23 to go.


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