Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 3: All Socks All The Time

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that I am partial to knitting socks. I knit a lot of socks - I love that they can be complicated, with cables and fair isle, or pretty, with panels of lace and texture, or just a mindless simple stockinette tube. I love that they are so very comfortable and keep my toes toasty and warm. Socks are the best!

But, sock-wise, things are a little out of control Chez HereIKnit:

(look who figured out how to use a new feature on her computer)


I think the most embarrassing thing about this is that four of the socks are 75% completed. So clearly I start a pair of socks and then power  most of the way through before losing interest and starting another pair of socks.  Apparently, I will continue to do this until all of my sock needles are used up. It's insane behaviour and I really need to stop!

I probably won't, though. It's an illness.

3 down, 28 to go. Woohoo, 10% done!


  1. love that your bearing your shame I piled some not all of the unfinished yesterday. I have to complete some of them as they are deadlines. but in there is my never ending sock which didn't get in the photo ( we both know the socks and me that they will never end)..they just don't seem to get closer either no matter how many hours I knit. I keep saying never again a simple sock. back to patterns for me

    1. I love that you call it my shame - it's a perfect way to describe it! I actually finished one of the pairs yesterday, which was great...until I started another one today!